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Supported CPU: 32B192K 76F0002(32B256K) 76F0004GD(32B320K) 76F0040GD(32BH384K) 76F0050GD(32BL384K) 76F0040AGD(32BHS384K) 76F0012 76F0023GD(32B384K) 76F0039GD(32BH512K) 76F0039AGD(32BHS512K) 76F0038GD(32BH768K) 76F0038AGD(32BHS768K) 76F0070(FOREST-1) 76F0085(FOREST-2) 76F0086 76F0199GD 76F0196F1 76F0219F1 MPC565 MC68F375RM(TX2)

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